5250 William Mills Street, Jacksonville, FL 32226

Portus Stevedoring

Portus Stevedoring operates a commercial terminal on 25 acres in Jacksonville, FL. Portus Stevedoring supports commercial stevedoring, military stevedoring, warehouse and terminal customers with varied needs and vessel types. Current trade lanes utilized include the Caribbean, South America, Africa and the Mediterranean. Portus Stevedoring maintains a dedicated labor force that is fully cross trained in areas of stevedoring. Portus Stevedoring prides itself in its highly diverse fleet of equipment that supports both commercial operations as well as highly specialized military operations.

Portus Services

Portus Services is the dedicated stevedore and terminal operator for Sea Star Lines at the port of Jacksonville, FL. Portus services is dedicated to ensuring the Sea Star vessels maintain their weekly calls through highly trained dedicated labor and efficient operations. Sea Star operates vessels which are RoRo and LoLo in nature and maintain a strict liner service. Portus Services also supports all maintenance and repair operations as well as on-port warehouse operations for Sea Star.

Port Everglades

3505 SE 19th Ave, Fort Lauderdale, FL 33316


Portus-PEV provides stevedoring and terminal solutions at the port of Port Everglades, FL. Portus-PEV utilizes a dedicated labor force that is trained and skilled to handle all types of cargo. Primary trade lanes served are the Caribbean as well as Central and South America. Portus-PEV has a reputation for handling high value and difficult cargoes such as yachts and large off-shore construction projects.

Cape Canaveral

Warehouse Rd., BLDG 1063, Door E - Cape Canaveral Air Force Station
Cape Canaveral, FL 32920

Portus Stevedoring provides stevedoring and terminal solutions in Port Canaveral, Florida for the US Army. We provide dedicated warehouse, terminal and stevedoring staff for the US Army to support several local missions. We also are able to provide a full range of stevedoring commercial services.